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Tattoo Removal Before and After Pictures

Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After Pictures

Many before and after pictures can be found here. With each clinic performing around 10,000 treatments every year, and each treatment documented with a tattoo removal before and after photo, our clinicians and patients see the journey from full density ink to ink-free.

All tattoo removal pictures here are of actual Dr. TATTOFF patients and are completely untouched, so what you see are the real results. Note that not all patients want complete removal of all ink. We have many patients who are only getting parts of their tattoos removed, or who are getting just a few treatments of laser tattoo lightening before they get a brand new cover up tattoo. However the majority of the patients and pictures on this site are of total removal.

In general, we are able to completely remove or nearly completely remove the majority of tattoos, leaving the skin perfectly in tact as if the tattoo were never there. In some circumstances the laser tattoo removal process may leave a slight amount of ink that cannot be removed, but usually this ink is not easily visible unless the skin is very closely examined. Also on occasion laser treatments can cause hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation. This skin discoloration typically resolves completely within a few months after treatment. You may notice this type of color variation in some of the tattoo removal before and after photos on this site. Another important fact to keep in mind when looking at before and after pictures is that tattoo removal procedures do not remove preexisting scars. So if your tattoo artist had a heavy hand and scarred your skin when putting on the tattoo, we may be able to remove all the ink but our lasers are not designed to remove the scar underneath.

When researching the process of removing a tattoo, in addition to wanting to see laser tattoo removal before and after pictures, many people want to know what to expect in terms of the cost of tattoo removal. At Dr. TATTOFF we charge $49 per square inch of ink per treatment (or less for tattoos over 5 square inches) with a $98 per visit minimum.

In addition to affordable tattoo removal prices, at Dr. TATTOFF we back our treatments with our guarantee in which if you complete the number of treatments that we recommend for complete removal and your tattoo ink is still visible then we will continue to treat you for free for up to a year following the last treatment you paid for to ensure that you are as ink free as possible. On the other hand if you tattoo is removed in less treatments than you’ve already paid for then we will refund the value of any unused treatments. This guarantee of our tattoo removal services ensures the most effective outcome possible.

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